S Ite Safe Blog

​Tradestaff were recently very excited to receive the news that our Site Safe Award entry earnt us a spot as a finalist in The Leadership Award category!


In the last 20 months, Tradestaff has bolstered our safety investment to create a team with the inclusion of Claire Pattinson working alongside Amanda Flavell. Their experience enables them to cover all aspects of safety with their extensive yet varied work history. The ever-present goal is to reduce harm to our workers. That is, we want every worker to finish their shift without harm.


Being a recruitment company, we are all about people and The Safety Team focusses on making sure the work being done in our branches lead to safer outcomes on site. Some of these actions include:


  • Greater support & more regular communication and training with our branch H&S Reps

  • Refreshed training content & delivery for our consultants nationally

  • Creating a more dynamic and reader friendly version of our Safetytalk monthly email to all our workers

  • And reviewing the way we confirm our clients’ safety processes


Tradestaff will have a team travelling to Auckland on the 6th March to attend the awards ceremony and are very excited to talk amongst industry leaders in safety. Thanks to Site Safe, this is a great opportunity for us to make connections and engage with others while we all work towards improving New Zealand’s safety record as a collective group. We wish all finalists good luck and look forward to meeting them!


Read more here : www.sitesafe.org.nz/news--events/evening-of-celebration/2024-award-finalists/