Thinking of making the move to New Zealand but not sure how or where to start? Below is a quick summary of the process from start to finish!

➡️ Tradestaff Application “It all starts here! Make sure to submit your resume!”

➡️ Application Screening “We review your application and if we think that you have what it takes to be a Tradestaffer! Then we will contact you, so always keep an eye on your phone and email!”

➡️ Document Gather and Interview Schedule “We email you your confirmed interview schedule, a questionnaire that we would like you to complete, and a list of required and supporting documents to send!”

➡️ Interview “Now is your time to shine! Impress us with everything you've got! Remember, it's ok to be nervous, it's all about being confident and trusting yourself!”

➡️ Background Checks “After the interview, we do all required checks regarding your qualifications and previous employers”

➡️ Application Outcome “The moment of truth! We get in touch with you to discuss the outcome of your application”

➡️ Employment Documents and Code of Conduct “We send you employment documents for you to review and sign”

➡️ Job Token “Once we receive all required signed documents, we email the Job Token for your Visa application to you or to your Licensed Immigration Advisor”

➡️ Visa Application “It will all come down to this! Visa processing time could take up to 4 weeks or more, depending on Immigration New Zealand”

➡️ Induction and Start Date Confirmation “Once you have informed us of your visa approval and have booked your flights, we organise your induction and start date. Remember, it's all about communication and we are here to help you every step of the way!”

➡️ Welcome to New Zealand “You will have time to settle yourself into your new home and then proceed to your scheduled induction in your assigned branch. There you will meet our fantastic consultants who will look after you and prepare you for your first day at work. It includes a comprehensive HR and Health and Safety Induction, Introduction, and overview of your employment rights in New Zealand, and you will also be issued with your safety gear."