Are you thinking of making the move to New Zealand but not sure how or where to start? Here is a summary of the process from start to finish.

➡️ Tradestaff Application - It all starts here! Apply online and submit your resume.

➡️ Application Screening - We will review your application. If we think that you have the skills and experience to be a Tradestaffer we will contact you. Keep an eye on your email.

➡️ Document Gathering and Interview Schedule - We will email you an interview date and time, a questionnaire for you to complete, and a list of required documents.

➡️ Interview - This is a chance for us to get to know you and for you to learn more about Tradestaff and working for us.

➡️ Background Checks - After your interview, we will check your references and your qualifications.

➡️ Application Outcome - We will confirm the outcome of your application.

➡️ Meet with an Immigration Expert - If your application is successful, we will offer you a complimentary meeting with our in-house Licensed Immigration Adviser so that you can confirm yours (and your families) eligibility for an appropriate visa.

➡️ Employment Documents and Code of Conduct - We will send you your employment documents to review and sign.

➡️ Job Token - Once we receive your signed documents, we will send the Job Token for your visa application to you, or to your appointed Licensed Immigration Advisor/ Lawyer.

➡️ Visa Application - You will need to apply for and be granted an appropriate visa to be able to work for us.

➡️ Induction and Start Date Confirmation - Once your visa is approved and you have booked your flights, we will organise your induction and start date.

➡️ Welcome to New Zealand - You will have time to settle into your new home and complete your scheduled induction in your assigned branch. You will meet our branch consultants who will look after you, issue you your safety gear and prepare you for your first day at work. Your induction includes comprehensive information on Health and Safety and HR, and an overview of your employment rights in New Zealand.