Before you Apply: Check your visa eligibility

If you are serious about finding a job or living in New Zealand, the first step is to find out if you are eligible to move here. Immigration New Zealand is a great resource to help you with this initially.

Immigration New Zealand provides information on:

  • Visa applications      

  • Skill eligibility

  • New Zealand employment law and work rights

  • Life in New Zealand outside of work

The New Zealand Now website also provides practical advice on a number of immigration related questions, including visas and citizenship, pre and post-departure checklists and help and support once you arrive in New Zealand

Before you Apply: Tips for finding employment

Planning and Preparation are key!

Do Your Research

  • Research the Industries and markets in NZ that most align with your dream job

  • Search the Immigration NZ Skills shortage list checker to see if your occupation is in demand click here

  • Does your occupation require occupational registration in NZ? If you are not sure find out more here

  • Other helpful sites to research markets and careers in NZ click here

Before you Apply: Prepare your documents

  • CV: As a minimum, a well-prepared and up to date CV is a must - be sure to include key information relevant to the job you are applying for and describe your key skills and experience clearly, along with your qualifications.

  • Cover Letter : Cover Letters are not mandatory however having a cover letter can help make a great impression. It is a great way to introduce yourself to a company or specific vacancy and is often the first document many employers see.

  • References: You will often be asked to provide references from your previous employment to verify your skills and experience. References should include professional connections who can attest to your qualifications for the job. Ensure you have credible and contactable referees employers can contact and always ensure you ask permission to use someone as a reference in advance.

We know that moving to another country is a big change in people’s lives, not just their careers. Many of our consultants have come to New Zealand from every corner of the globe and are well acquainted with the migration
process and what it takes to get comfortable in a new country.

At Tradestaff International Recruitment, we regularly help overseas candidates to not only secure work here but also to get settled into the country.

We can’t wait to help you start your journey