Kiwisaver Information for our Workers

Tradestaff do not provide financial advice or recommend any particular Kiwisaver provider.

It is your choice who your Kiwisaver Provider is and we recommend you seek independent financial advice when choosing a Kiwisaver Provider.

You can contact IRD to change your Kiwisaver Provider at any time.

Tradestaff’s default Kiwisaver Provider is ‘Lifestages’ run by Southland Building Society.

IRD will send them your Kiwisaver contributions from your Tradestaff wages unless you already have a Kiwisaver provider, or you advise IRD you wish to use a different Kiwisaver Provider.  

Download these documents to find out more about Lifestages, their fees and how the product works.

Kiwisaver Information - 1

Kiwisaver Information - 2