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In this year’s annual Tradestaff Excellence Awards, Natasha Walsh was named the overall winner, her sales capabilities and commitment lifted her above the other nominees. She continues to service the North Island market impressively, seeing her take out the overall Tradestaffer of the Year award. Taking the time to encourage peer feedback, and considering every type of internal worker over a range of positions, experience, and backgrounds helps to solidify the leading qualities Tradestaff prides itself on. This is the second time that Natasha has been awarded this honour.

The Safety team was named the winner in the Business Unit category. Amanda Flavell and Claire Pattinson championed a commitment to “Human Safety” and got the whole Tradestaff Team onboard. The results are worth celebrating, including a significant reduction in lost time injuries, and a massive increase in both reporting and worker engagement.

Hawke's Bay’s Juan De Villiers shone through as the top Rookie, with impressive drive and connection coming out of the cyclone recovery and Amy Eder’s innovation and passion in the Tech Hub saw her as the champion of Head Office.

A small event was held at Head Office, followed by a dinner at Managing Director Kevin Eder’s house for the winners.

Photo (L-R): Amy Eder, Marketing & Communications; Kevin Eder, Managing Director; Claire Pattinson, Recruitment Support Advisor; Amanda Flavell, Injury Claims & Compliance Manager; Natasha Walsh, North Island Business Development Manager; Juan de Villiers, Senior Recruitment Consultant.