Tradestaff's Health & Safety Policies and Processes

Tradestaff has an industry leading front-end Health & Safety induction which all our workers complete. When a worker is placed onto a site they are provided with additional information which outlines the risks associated with that role. As a result, you can expect workers to arrive on site with a good general knowledge of their H&S responsibilities and equipped with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We expect all of our clients to ensure our workers are inducted onto their sites prior to commencing work.

To make sure that Tradestaff staff are safe staff, Health & Safety and injury prevention are a major part of our recruitment process. All workers go through a robust induction which covers:

A full interview process:

  • Work-related reference checks.

  • H&S guidelines, training and testing.

  • Medical declaration.

  • Pre-employment 

  • Criminal record check.

  • Driver license check.

  • Risk and hazard identification.

Once assigned, we constantly monitor and communicate with workers and clients to ensure that everybody is keeping safe onsite. We know that by consulting, coordinating and cooperating together we keep lines of communication open and honest which is in the best interest of our workers, our clients and Tradestaff.

On this page, you'll find information about:

Health & Safety & ACC Accredited Employer Programme Policies

Health & Safety and ACC Accredited Employer Programme Processes

HSWA Act and duties of PCBU's

The aim of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) is to reduce the number of workers in New Zealand killed or seriously injured at work. It sets out that those who ‘create the risk must manage the risk’, so whether you are a sole trader or a multi-national company, this applies to you as a “Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU)”. PCBU’s have a ‘primary duty of care’ to ensure that workers and others are not put at risk by its work.

We have a solid understanding of HSWA and will work successfully with you to ensure the Health & Safety of all workers who are working in your business. Tradestaff can provide assurance to you that all candidates supplied will have been through a robust recruitment and selection process, and compliance expectations will have been thoroughly verified.

ACC Accredited Employer Programme

We know that effective injury prevention and management benefits both employers and workers. By partnering with ACC as part of the Accredited Employer Programme, we demonstrate our dedication to the health, safety and well-being of all Tradestaff workers.

Having achieved tertiary level, we are continually reviewing and updating our procedures and practices to align with legislation and industry best practice. This means that you can rest assured knowing that we are:

  • Experienced with pro-actively managing workplace Health & Safety matters.

  • Committed to managing risk and preventing injuries as much as practicable.

  • Aware of the importance of rehabilitation for the ongoing health and well-being of workers.

The ACC Partnership Programme means that work place injury claims are managed directly by Tradestaff. Managing injury claims ourselves allows for effective and efficient rehabilitation which has been proven to benefit our workers and our clients with a quicker return to work achieved. Tradestaff also supports workers return to work with non-work related injuries or illnesses.

We understand the benefits for our clients to have workers back on site as soon as possible and that a quick return to work assists with the healing process.

We arrange all worker entitlements for treatments, compensation and rehabilitation, and will work with our workers and clients to create a Return to Work plan that is agreed upon by everyone. To find out more, see our Rehabilitation Policy, Privacy Policy or contact our programme coordinator on 

(03) 374 8204

Together we’ll Rebuild Canterbury Safely!

Tradestaff has had the opportunity to be part of the very successful Health & Safety story that is the Canterbury Health & Safety Charter. We have been involved from the beginning and will continue to look at setting the safety standards in recruitment both in Christchurch and around the country where we have staff on site.

The Canterbury Safety Charter’s Communications Working Group created this video which supports our work and showcases some of the exciting projects that are underway in Christchurch.

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