Struggling to navigate your way through all the NZ Trades & Construction jargon?

The team have come up with a list of common NZ terms and sayings and what they actually mean.

Chippy: builder

Sparky: electrician

Subbie: sub contractor

Brickie: bricklayer

Bro: close friend or mate, usually a male.

Eh: pronounced ‘ay’. Means similar to ‘don’t you agree?’

Ta: thank you shortened.

Yeah…nah: technically means no, but can also mean maybe

Sweet as: cool, awesome or no problem.

Good as gold: everything is good

Kia ora: Hi!

Barbie: barbecue

Beaut or beauty: great/fantastic

Bloke: man

Choice: pleased with something

Crack up: funny

Cuppa: tea or coffee

Flat out: very busy

Hard yakka: hard work

Knackered: tired

She’ll be right: it will be ok

Sickie: sick day

Smoko: morning or afternoon break

Stoked: very pleased

Wop-wops: middle of nowhere

Fill your boots: go for it

Get your skates on: Hurry up