​Immigration New Zealand recently released figures from the last financial year and the numbers show a considerable uptick in foreign workers. In the past year alone, 209,441 work visas were approved, an all-time high for the country and 25,000 more than the 2014/15 financial year.

Moreover, over 52,000 new residencies were approved, compared to 43,000 the year prior.

In an interview with Stuff Business Day, Finance Minister Bill English noted that these numbers are consistent with a growing demand for workers – a promising sign of a strong New Zealand economy.

The number of approved work visas in New Zealand has risen considerably in the past year.

Demand booming in the construction industry

The demand for workers is particularly notable in the construction sector. In fact, building industry leaders report a critical shortage and project it will only worsen as the New Zealand building boom continues to strengthen.

The demand is not limited to tradespeople, either. In an interview with Radio New Zealand, Managing Director at Leighs Construction Anthony Leighs noted that leadership roles have been left vacant as demand outgrows the talent pool.

"The pressure on the construction labour supply is as severe as I've certainly seen it in my career," he explained.

"And when you look at what's coming over the next couple of years there's no doubt that we're going to be needing to recruit extra people from offshore to get through the workload."

Demand for workers has been particularly strong in the construction sector.

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