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​The Work & Live in NZ team caught up with a couple of South African Tradestaffers who have made the move to New Zealand and are now working with Tradestaff.  We wanted to find out all the tips, tricks, and insights to help make your start to New Zealand as easy as possible.


First up, where is the best place to get South African food & drink?

100% NZ Boerewors! They are great and deliver all over New Zealand. The best boerewors I have ever had, and the biltong will make you eat your fingers off. Try the Sosatie Boerewors; it’s great. This company was started by a South African couple in Tauranga and have massive local support from South African expats and it makes perfect sense when you taste the lovely flavours of home. If you are missing Jacobs Coffee, Aromat or Oros they stock these SA classics alongside some yummy rusks -

Looking for a Castle Larger or Lite? Or how about a Hunters? Maybe you feel like a “it’s dry but you can drink it” Savanna? Visit for your South African Liquor and Beers.


 Biggest surprise and best thing about making the move and living in NZ?

It was an absolute shock to my system to see how clean and organised NZ is compared to my home country (South Africa) and the biggest bonus, how safe I feel and have always felt here - it’s amazing and an absolute blessing.

The country is shockingly green! This blew my mind; the foliage is bright and evergreen which is just phenomenal, and the beaches are amazing from white sand postcard beaches to beautiful volcanic black beaches.

As a South African, I have come from a strong background and although I started at the bottom, my work ethic and can-do attitude assisted me in my career and has allowed me to grow exceptionally in a short amount of time.

New Zealanders are lovely to work with, but they are a lot more laid back and easy going than what I have come from, so I have had to remember this in my daily work life. However, they are understanding, kind and exceptionally polite which makes it easy to adjust.


Where is the best place to catch up with and meet other South Africans?

The benefit of moving to NZ is typically there are a multitude of expat groups for South Africans in New Zealand. Typically, I don’t have to walk far to run into a fellow South African.

Top website – Check out Melissa Moore’s website as it has some great links to meet other South Africans as well as useful advice for when you first arrive all on the stuff you need to know -

Not wanting to meet online? If you join your local rugby, cricket or 4x4 club, 9/10 you will find fellow South Africans in the group.Have a look here for more info: Otherwise, another great place to connect with other South Africans in New Zealand is InterNations.

If you go to Facebook, I recommend:


Lastly, anything we have missed that is useful?

Money - Transferring money from NZ to SA is expensive! The best app I found was WorldRemit – Send Money abroad. - Exceptionally useful.

Insurance - If you are looking for insurance, don’t get that from the car dealer that sells you the car! It’s a lot more expensive, so do this through your bank. This is a lot cheaper. NZ healthcare system is great but for affordable medical insurance: Use AA or Southern Cross insurance.


If you are thinking of making the move and you have any questions or want to know more, talk to the team today!