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​Having Christmas Day in the Summer may be an unusual concept to some people, so we thought we’d share what the team thinks makes a New Zealand Xmas so good!


Weather – There is nothing better than testing your new presents Santa left for you than trialling them outside! Christmas is often hot, sunny and one of the longest days on the calendar so if you enjoy the outdoors or hate being stuck inside with Grumpy Aunt Hilda, you need to be in New Zealand next Xmas.


Food – Generally speaking, Christmas lunch/dinner is very similar to the UK and other English-speaking countries so you can expect to be served ham or turkey and all the trimmings to go with. Dessert is often New Zealand’s claim, the Pavlova, as well as some other unique cool local desserts!  Want to do it really NZ style? You won’t have to go far before you see families/friends having a BBQ at home or the beach on Xmas day.  One of the best things about NZ is the laid-back attitude and ability to do what you want.

Beach – Nearly all of NZ is within short drive or walk to local beach or lake for a quick swim.  Who doesn’t love the beach! Otherwise, a good old-fashioned game of backyard cricket is a great alternative to beach fun.


Christmas day in the summer is better than you can ever imagine.  Come join us! Talk to the Tradestaff team today and make sure you are here for Xmas day 2023!