H+S Workers Of The Month   June Wide

Excited to share our Health & Safety workers of the month for July are...

Christchurch, Cameron Bradley - Fantastic attitude and takes H&S seriously

Dunedin, Felix Adler - Always takes safety precautions & isn’t afraid to ask questions

Queenstown, George Hedley - Utilising previous H&S training to stand out on site

Wellington, Franck Chauvin - Fantastic attitude always informs us with changes on site

Hawkes Bay, Eden (Josh) Nepia - Always H&S conscious and takes it seriously on sites.

Rotorua, Joseph Hippolite - Great worker, always H&S focused.

Tauranga, Wynand Fourie - For his commitment to H&S

Hamilton, Joshua Hart - Completed an ISAW form to report a hazard to keep our workers safe

South Auckland, James Gordon - Reported an incident where worker was struggling onsite. Great feedback from client.

North Auckland, Aryn Wendt - For his commitment to H&S West Auckland, Justin Li - Taking care of the other boys on site

Fantastic stuff team!

As always thanks for staying safe on site and making sure your workmates got home uninjured too