​Working holiday visas are an exciting opportunity for professionals with a taste for adventure to explore the world while still getting some overseas work experience. But striking a balance between work and holiday isn't always easy. You want to make sure you see all the country has to offer but you need to keep a steady work schedule.

Luckily, our Tradestaff team has seen a lot of clients go through the work holiday visa experience. As such, we've compiled a list of some of the best tips for making the most of your trip. Let's take a look:

The key to making the most of your working holiday is striking a balance between work and travel.

1. Plan your percentages

If there is one thing to remember about your time on a working holiday visa, it's balance. Your time abroad is about striking a balance between work and travel – each part is equally important.

According to Search Engine Journal, finding this equilibrium is a constant struggle and can even cause working vacations to fail altogether.

The key here is to do some serious planning beforehand. Decide just how much time you want to dedicate to work. The sooner you start planning, the better. While a 50/50 split may seem like the logical choice, there are a lot of factors that go into this division. Maybe your job is a serious position that will require a lot of your time, maybe you are in a more temporary position where you can decide your working days – whatever it is, planning things early on can help reduce the chance of wasting time.

There is no better way to experience a country than by living like a local.

2. Live like a local

There is no better way to experience a country than by living like a local. Sure, there is plenty of time for tourist-y trips but make sure you make the effort to befriend Kiwis, to visit local hangouts – you want to make friends in the area so you can come back and visit. A great way to go about meeting new people is by joining local sports leagues or clubs.

Nothing bonds people quite like some common interests. There are a lot of different culture around New Zealand, resist the urge to flock to the only other person in the bar with the same accent as you, make friends with locals because they will have the best insider info. Use your job in this regard, ask your co-workers where they usually go for drinks or for fun!

3. Pack smart

Taking a working holiday visa is a year long commitment and packing for a year abroad is no small task. The first tip to packing smart is simple: don't take your ENTIRE life. You'll want some extra room in your suitcases to bring back things you pick up along your way.

You don't need to be a minimalist with a single backpack and a smile, but packing 6 suitcases will just create a headache. Pro tip: this is a great time to purge your wardrobe. Before you head out on your big adventure, donate the clothes you never wear and slim down your outfits to the necessities.

Make sure to stock up on some of your favourite products from home before you leave as New Zealand may not have the same brands as your country. 

Be smart with your packing – don't bring too much!

4. Combine work and play

Speaking of capitalising on every moment – one of the best tips in the game is to combine your two purposes. Does work send you on the occasional client visit? Do you have to travel between construction locations? If any part of your job involves travel, plan these trips strategically. Why not extend that work trip to Christchurch and do a little exploring over the weekend? Combining work and play is a great way to make the most of your time.

Tradestaff clients can take advantage of the fact that we have branches all over New Zealand.

For working holiday visa holders that are looking for more temporary work, you can plan your employment around the places you want to explore. Tradestaff clients can take advantage of the fact that we have branches all over New Zealand. Instead of choosing to immerse yourself in a single area of New Zealand, you can embrace the opportunity to work in a variety of unique regions. With our temporary work solutions you can find work when you need it and enjoy travel in between.

5. Leave the details to the pros

There are a lot of details that go into working abroad. When it comes to travelling to New Zealand for work, Tradestaff has you covered. We stress over the little things so you don't have to. From helping you secure an IRD number to sorting your working holiday visa details with your employer to finding you the perfect position for your trip. Keen to learn more? Contact one of our experienced Tradestaff representatives today!