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​​The Work & Live in NZ team caught up with one of our German Tradestaffers who has made the move to New Zealand and is now working with Tradestaff.  We wanted to find out all the tips, tricks, and insights to help make your start to New Zealand as easy as possible.​

What is the best place to get German food & drink?

There’s a German butchery in Tauranga – Blackforest Gourmet Butchery – you can even order your favourites and get them delivered to you!


Biggest surprise and best thing about making the move and living in NZ?

Kiwis have a relaxed attitude to life and take it easy. There’s still places on this earth where people don’t lock their houses.

There’s a great variety of beaches in NZ – white sand, golden sand, black sand, pebble beaches – everything you can think of! Even bioluminescence that makes the water glow at night!


What is one thing you that you wish you had known before moving to NZ? 

The international driver’s license you get in Germany is valid for 3 years, however in NZ you’re only allowed to drive on an international license for 1 year – so even though the international one is still valid you’ll need to get a NZ one if you stay longer. Germans need to surrender their German driver’s license to get a NZ one – we can’t have both!

Shipping for things you order online from overseas usually takes longer than within Europe as is a wee way to New Zealand, so it pays to take anything you might need straight away with you.

Lots of companies in New Zealand pay weekly which is so good, not monthly like in Germany.


Best advice to those thinking of making the move

When you look at buying a car, ask a garage or the AA for a pre-purchase check. The money is well invested as they will tell you if there’s any issues with the car. Also helpful if you’re looking at a car that’s further away, you want to get it checked out before travelling to it.

Apply for your IRD and bank account as soon as possible. You will need an address to get a bank account – even if you intend to live in your car/campervan, check into a hostel or arrange an address so you can apply for a bank account. You will need proof of address.

The best and worst thing about New Zealand compared with Europe is the distance between cities in NZ and distance to other countries. On one hand the immense beauty of nature and access to outdoors and kiwi culture is so refreshing. On the other hand New Zealand is spread out and public transport is limited.