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​There comes a point in life where it's time to make a change. It might be the desire to travel, a lack of opportunity at home, or political unrest in your native country. Although it might be daunting to leave your old life behind, there are countless opportunities to be found through working abroad – and in today's world, it's easier than ever.

The best place skilled industry professionals can relocate to? Kevin Kerry and Charlotte Parkinson from Tradestaff believe it's New Zealand.

The best place industry professionals can relocate to? We think it's New Zealand.

What are the benefits of working in NZ?

New Zealand – home of kiwi birds, Lord of the Rings scenery and the world's top rugby players – seems to be on virtually everyone's bucket list.

Unfortunately, many people visit to see the beautiful landscapes but don't stay to experience the other qualities the country has to offer. Tradestaff's Resource Manager Kevin Kerry (a non-native himself) recently shed some light on why New Zealand is an ideal place to start a career.

"At the end of the day, New Zealand is a country with long term opportunities," Kevin explains. "It's no secret that NZ is a beautiful country, and now Tradestaff offers skilled workers worldwide the opportunity to experience it for themselves."

Why is New Zealand such a great place to relocate to? Here is some insight into the three primary reasons skilled tradesmen should consider moving here.

1. Work-Life balance

Unlike many countries, New Zealand has a fairly relaxed work culture with a healthy work-life balance. Charlotte Parkinson, International Recruitment Consultant from Tradestaff NZ, also shares her insights on this aspect of the country.

New Zealand offers citizens and immigrants alike amazing conditions in which to raise a family.

"People want to go home at the end of the day and still have time to go to the beach, go hiking or hang out with their family – just having a life outside of work. A lot of the time, the candidates we speak to are considering New Zealand for that reason."

2. Family-friendly

In addition to boasting a healthy work-life balance, New Zealand offers citizens and immigrants alike amazing conditions in which to raise a family. Charlotte claims that this is one of the primary reasons candidates she's spoken to have been interested in coming to NZ.

"It's one thing I'm hearing a lot about – a lot of people are coming out here to give their children a better future. Our education in New Zealand, our healthcare in New Zealand – it's just where you want to raise a family."

3. Work Opportunities

New Zealand is still considered a developing country by many standards, meaning there are constant job opportunities for skilled workers. Kevin explains:

"In addition to large-scale housing developments being built in various regions around the country, there has also been significant investment in major civil infrastructure projects. Two examples are the Waterview Tunnel and the first stage of what will become the City Rail Link, a train system that will connect Auckland Airport to the CBD."

New Zealand offers residents perfect conditions in which to raise a family.

How Tradestaff can get you to New Zealand

Tradestaff is in the business of setting up skilled industrial workers who wish to experience New Zealand with organisations in need of new employees. As Kevin explains, the process of linking candidates up with new opportunities is straightforward.

"When we identify a candidate who can help us address skill shortages, we utilise our external partners to manage the process of making it happen," he says. "We talk to the applicants ourselves too, and we try to find out exactly what it is that they are wanting by making the move to NZ."

"We talk to the applicants ourselves too, and we try to find out exactly what it is that they are wanting by making the move to NZ."

Unlike some recruitment agencies, Tradestaff doesn't charge their overseas applicants any fees. If a candidate is successful in securing a job in New Zealand, Tradestaff actually sponsors them for the duration of the visa, meaning they're effectively part of the Tradestaff family, and are treated accordingly.

"Relocation, especially to the other side of the world, is a huge commitment, and it will not be for everyone," Kevin explains. "We try to mitigate this as much as possible by providing good support networks and extended candidate care in an effort to take care of our workers."

If you're looking for a change in your life, but aren't sure where to start, consider coming down to the Southern Hemisphere for skilled industrial employment. Our team at Tradestaff are always on the lookout for engineers and industry professionals, and we'd love to hear from you if you're interested in exploring a job in New Zealand.

"There's so much on offer for a lot of people, and there's usually a place for everyone," Charlotte explains. "It's just finding that place and finding the right fit."

Reach out to Tradestaff NZ today for more information!