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​Given the large investment of time and money that goes into a major construction project, it's understandable that companies want to reduce their costs where they can. However, that same investment is what makes it so important to maintain the quality of your work from the beginning. Whether this means ensuring your materials are up to the appropriate standard, or your temporary labour hires have the experience and qualifications they need, making sure every aspect of your construction process is done properly can avoid potential costs further down the line.

An increase in substandard materials

At the end of January, four men appeared in the Auckland District Court to answer charges that they had been passing off Chinese concrete panels as being Australian-made. The men claimed the panels were from known, respected brand Hebel. As Radio New Zealand reports, the panels were allegedly sold under this name between 2007 and 2013, and have been used in projects such as building a transformer substation in Penrose, Auckland. 

Auckland's construction boom has led to traditional materials becoming scarce.

The Auckland Council has noted that the city's construction boom has led to traditional materials becoming scarce, leading some construction companies to turn to alternative products, the New Zealand Herald reports. The problem with this is that these materials are not always of acceptable quality. This can lead to significant costs further down the track when materials need to be replaced or projects rebuilt because they fail to comply with required safety and quality standards.

Ian McCormick, General Manager of Auckland Council's building control team, told the Herald that there were issues in the pre-cast concrete panel industry as manufacturers struggled to meet demand.

"While there are some great new products on the market, the boom has attracted a few cowboys trying to cut corners and some importers trying to bring in cheap, substandard products," he said.

These low-quality products, such as the Chinese-made concrete panels, can be presented as premium materials, so unwary companies can be caught out even if they are trying to maintain standards. This is why proper inspection and verification are so important.

The risks involved with unqualified staff

Verifying the quality of suppliers is of equal importance when it comes to hiring staff. Just as there are those who would pass off materials as being better than they are, there are construction workers who attempt to present themselves as more qualified than they really are.

A recent example is Albany builder Blair Cole, who pretended to be a licensed builder in advertising and in person, despite not being a Licensed Building Practitioner. Cole was convicted of two charges after a case was brought against him by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's Occupational Licensing Team. He was forced to pay a fine to the courts, and reparations to a homeowner who had hired him under the belief that he was qualified.

Cutting corners in the construction process can lead to bigger costs later on.

Ensure quality hires with Tradestaff

A rigorous recruitment process can avoid the risks of hiring unqualified or misleading workers, but that takes time and effort that not every company has the resources to commit. That's where a recruitment agency like Tradestaff can help.

Tradestaff handles every step of the recruitment process, which means not only making sure that you're getting the right staff for your project and industry, but that they are appropriately trained, qualified and equipped for the role. We verify applicants' references and can arrange police checks, drug tests and skill assessments if they're needed. All our candidates are given intensive health and safety training, and this continues through their time with us. By coming to Tradestaff, you can rest assured that your labourers, at least, are working to the high standards that you need them to.

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