​It's not often that people stick around in companies for more than five or so years these days. But when you find a great company that believes in you, then sometimes you just glue to them. That is exactly what has happened for Central North Island Regional Manager of Tradestaff, Geoff Campbell.

After starting out as a heating and ventilation tradie, he left for an OE and ended up gaining a whole range of skills and experience. When he returned to New Zealand, a job advertisement for an industrial recruitment consultant caught his attention.

Geoff was named not just the Tradestaff Manager of the Year, but the Tradestaffer of the year.

"I thought, 'You know what, I've got a good industrial understanding, I relate well to industrial type folk, I've got sales experience, customer service experience – I think I could be a good recruitment consultant'," said Geoff.

Starting out in 2007 at the Tauranga branch as a recruitment consultant, after being with the company for less than a decade, Geoff has already received Tradestaff's supreme accolade – a Tradestaff Living Legend. At the company's 20th anniversary celebrations earlier this year, he was inducted into an exclusive club of only seven Tradestaff vets.

"I certainly wasn't expecting it," said Geoff, "So that was pretty cool."

Not only this, last year Geoff was named not just the Tradestaff Manager of the Year, but the Tradestaffer of the year, proving his contribution and commitment to the business. Though he is incredibly humble, Geoff's relatively brief career has seen him quickly prove his worth. With a diligent work ethic, customer focus, performance optimisation capabilities and clear affinity with Tradestaff, he has cemented his status as a company hero.

Consistently demonstrating a commitment to the customer

Tradestaff is an incredibly customer-facing organisation. This has enabled Geoff to build great relationships grounded in trust, not just with clients but with candidates also.

Take, for example, a recent project he managed. As the sole recruitment provider for a large power station build in the Central North Island, Tradestaff was required to have around 70 staff on site each day for a period of almost three and a half years. Even though it was a remote location not exactly near one of their branches, Geoff knew he could deliver the recruitment solution that the client was after. While it wasn't easy, he didn't just ensure that the client had an adequate labour supply, he ensured that each worker there felt valued.

Tradestaff ran meetings on site, had BBQs, health and safety catchups, and regular tool boxes, as well as organised carpooling for the large workforce, some who had to commute for two hours each day to get to work. But these are only some of the examples that demonstrate how Tradestaff goes over and above to ensure that they proficiently meet their customer's expectations – whether it is a client or a candidate.

"Even though this was a remote site, every week we'd make a point of getting around on site and seeing each and every one of our candidates," said Geoff. "We'd talk to them all about the good stuff that is going on and what we can do to assist them."

"It makes sure the candidates have a good experience and the client gets exactly what we promised to deliver."

"That was a real point of difference," Geoff said, "as it ensured that our service was at a very high level and that we could address any concerns if and when they arose."

Tradestaff's exceptional service stands out amongst the competition

The due dilligence and care that Geoff and his team demonstrated is not new or unique to this project. In the now saturated industrial recruitment market, without such visibility or focus on building strong and enduring relationships with both clients and candidates, Tradestaff would not be the business it is today.

"Often we are not just a temp recruitment service, but a staffing management provider," said Geoff. "We are available to our staff and our clients on a regular basis and we treat both with equal respect."

"We are available to our staff and our clients on a regular basis and we treat both with equal respect."

"Anyone who starts working with Tradestaff gets to know the team here personally, they get to see us regularly and they trust that we are going to do the right thing by them."

"That really is the nature of our beast in what is a highly competitive industry. If we don't do a good job consistently, we just don't get a call back."

One of the major issues in the industry, particularly in the central North Island, is a lack of candidates. Many candidates are heading either north or south, but at the same time more and more employers are seeing the benefits of working with an industrial recruitment company like Tradestaff.

"I see demand increasing over the near future for workers on both casual and permanent bases," said Geoff.

If you're looking for a job in the Central North Island and you've got trade skills, Tradestaff can definitely utilise them. Even if you don't, there's sure to be something for you.

"If you present with a good attitude, a good work ethic, a want to do the right thing by your employer and demonstrate that you've got what it takes to be successful in that particular industry," Geoff exclaimed, "then we want you."