Travel and Work with Tradestaff on a Working Holiday Visa

New Zealand’s working holiday visa scheme allows young people, from certain countries, to work in New Zealand while they holiday.

Tradestaff has a network of branches around New Zealand. We offer a unique opportunity to travel and work in the most amazing country in the world (we’re admit we’re biased) allowing you to stop off at any of our branches to earn some $$$’s to fund the next leg of your journey.

At Tradestaff you are not tied to one job or one location, and wherever your journey takes you, we can make sure that we have appropriate work available to you for however long you want it.

To check the details of your countries working holiday visa scheme click here

Why choose Tradestaff
  • Tradestaff make it easy to travel and work.

  • Tradestaff are one of New Zealand's largest and most trusted industrial recruitment agencies.

  • Tradestaff pay you weekly - so that you can fund your holiday.

  • Tradestaff provide any safety gear you might need for work.

  • Tradestaff has work across New Zealand.

Applying for a job with Tradestaff is easy - in fact, you can do it Right Now.
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