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Why Dunedin? Here, you have time for life and the convenience and enjoyment that living in a small, yet thriving city affords. Home to a happy, prosperous and safe community, Dunedin was originally modelled on Edinburgh in Scotland but has a distinctive and inviting character of its own. Today the city has some of the best-preserved Victorian and
Edwardian architecture in the Southern Hemisphere, plus natural harbours, beaches and forested hills. - (

Right now, the Dunedin construction is booming! Major projects, including a $1.2 Billion new hospital, are due to get underway this year making it a great time to move south! Tradespeople are in hot demand and often have their choice of work whether it is residential or commercial.


  • Affordable living: Whether renting or looking to buy a home, Dunedin is still the most affordable city in New Zealand. No traffic and short commutes = transport costs and more money in your back pocket at the end of the week.

  • Family friendly: Safe communities, great schools and the best university in the country. A great place to put down roots and raise a family.

  • Outdoor/Recreation Activities/Arts: Surfing – Awesome surf breaks catering for all wind directions within 30 min drive - Mountain biking – amazing tracks for all abilities - Golfing – spectacular courses - Scenic walks and wildlife – Peninsula, beaches, hiking, - Inclusive, diverse art culture - Festivals – Winter Festival, Chinese New Year.

  • Interesting Historic Sites: Dunedin is home to many unique and interesting sites and landmarks. From the iconic Baldwin Street, the world’s steepest residential street, to the Otago Settlers Museum, these sites provide interesting insight into Dunedin's rich history and culture.

Dunedin has all the benefits of a big city in a small package. Great nightlife, arts, music, and passionate sports fans, all in an exciting, centralised hub of activity.

Work Available 

Currently, in Dunedin there aren’t enough skilled workers to fill the required roles. Tradestaff has work available NOW for Builders, Hammer-hands, Electricians, Fabricator/welders, HVAC Engineers, Painters, Scaffolders, Truck drivers, Machine operators and even good, reliable labourers. Make the move South now and let Tradestaff Dunedin help you into a job you’ll love so that you can concentrate on making your dreams a reality.

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