Work & Live in Hawkes Bay

Hawke's Bay is made up of three main towns/cities - Napier, Hastings & Havelock North. Each is very different but all are within 30mins of each other meaning you get the best of what they all have to offer but don't have to spend all day travelling to get there. Hawke’s Bay has an excellent climate, award-winning wines and Art Deco architecture all with a relaxed lifestyle.

Why work in Hawke's Bay? With our climate, you can finish up on-site and be surfing/swimming at the beach or biking in the hills within 20mins how good is that! If the beach or hills aren't your thing how about enjoying a glass of local wine at one of Napier’s top eateries, exploring Hasting's many orchards, wineries and beautifully landscaped parks and gardens or going shopping at one of Havelock North’s boutique shops – the options are endless. Hawkes Bay really does have something to offer everyone.


  • Climate - Hawke's Bay has a generally dry, warm climate because it is sheltered on the west by the North Island's main mountain ranges. During the month of January, February, March, April, November and December you are most likely to experience good days with pleasant average temperatures that fall between 20 degrees Celsius (68°F) and 25 degrees Celsius (77°F). The coldest month is July with an average maximum temperature of 14°C (57°F).

  • Three options for living - Whether you choose to live in Napier, Hastings or Havelock North you won't miss out on what each town has to offer, as the commute between each township is a short 15min drive. 

  • Family/work life balance - A typical working day for New Zealanders is 7.30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. With Hawkes Bay's stunning weather and close proximity to beautiful beaches, parks and rivers, you can leave work, collect the family from home or meet them at the beach, parks or river within 30 minutes for dinner and a swim.

Work Available

Now is the time to move to Hawkes Bay as the region is in a growth phase both residentially and commercially. All skill sets are required from engineering, manufacturing, warehousing, transport and logistics, civil construction and construction etc. Long-term projects available.

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