Work & Live in Hamilton

Hamilton is the hub of Waikato and is close to Auckland without the hassle. Hamilton is generally more affordable to live in when compared to Wellington and Auckland. A great diverse place to live, some cool things within the region include the world famous land of the hobbits, underground glowworm caves and the local wonder that is the Hamilton Gardens.

Right now, we have a new theatre being constructed, a casino with bowling & escape rooms, two large shopping areas at the base and a central place with movies, VR game rooms & mini golf. Hamilton is also home to the FMG Stadium which hosts the Chiefs the local rugby team along with a wide range of other activities. Within 30mins of the city, the Waikato is home to some of the best cycling trails in the North Island.


  • Low traffic with good roads - You will not typically find traffic jams in Hamilton as the city benefits from well designed and looked-after roading infrastructure.

  • Friendly - A large rural friendly farm community built on the values of ‘locals helping locals’.

  • Location -Short drive to the beach in Raglan and Mt Maunganui &Central hub of the North Island.

Work Available

Currently, Hamilton has plenty of commercial and residential buildings along with multiple factory roles with day shift and night shift opportunities.

Current job listings in Hamilton -

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