Work & Live in Christchurch

Christchurch is a bright modern city that has something to offer everyone. Whether you like the arts, culture, food or sport Christchurch has great facilities and attractions to entertain all tastes. Or if it is the outdoors that gets you going the accessibility, climate and beauty of Christchurch and the wider area is unmatched.

​Upcoming large construction projects include the Christchurch multisport arena (Te Kaha), Canterbury Museum upgrade and performing arts prescient. This comes on the back of the recent completion of the Christchurch event center(Te Pae) and the continued development of new hospitality & retail in the central city.


  • Cost of Living - Christchurch has a wide range of housing and accommodation available along with good infrastructure making it one of the cheapest cities.

  • A Vibrant city with huge growth - Christchurch is one of the fastest developing modern cities in the world. Following the 2011 earthquake most if not all of the central city has been rebuilt or is on the way to being rebuilt.

  • Snow to Surf - Ski and Surf all in one day with the ability to get from your choice of ski field to the beach within 1.5 hours.

Work Available

Carrying over from the earthquake rebuild the commercial & residential sector is still booming with work. The Christchurch area is screaming out for any skilled workers such as Carpenters, Electricians, Joiners and Fabricators through to all other trades and experience. Come talk with the Tradestaff Christchurch team.

Current job listings in Christchurch -

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