Visas and Immigration

Navigating New Zealand’s visa system can seem overwhelming but understanding your visa options to work and live in NZ is an essential and necessary step in planning your move.

You, along with potential New Zealand employers, will need to understand what visa you can work on and what conditions (if any) you will have to work within. It can be a challenge securing work whilst offshore - therefore it is important to first understand your visa eligibility to ensure you can progress with work in New Zealand.

The immigration process can be challenging and complicated and it can cause a lot of uncertainty. For the best chances of success in applying for the correct work visa, and to understand and explore your short- and long-term options we recommend speaking to a New Zealand Licensed IAA Immigration Adviser.

Utilising the services of a NZ licenced immigration adviser can mitigate the chance of something going wrong and advisers can provide information on your eligibility for a NZ work visa and tailor advice and recommendations to suit your goals and future plans.

Licensed advisers can help navigate policy changes that can occur and provide you with the peace of mind that your visa applications are in safe hands.

Tradestaff have an in-house NZ Licenced IAA Immigration Adviser, Charlotte Parkinson, who can assist with this process and provide information to you on your options.

If you wish to discuss your visa options for work in New Zealand with Tradestaff please contact Charlotte Parkinson on

If you prefer to complete the visa application process without assistance you can refer to Immigration NZ’s website which you can find here: